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Suggested Reading
(R-Romance M-Mystery J-Manga/Comic F-Fantasy S-Sci-Fi G-Magical Girl D-Dark/Gothic H-Historic X-School L-Slice of life P-Drama I-Incomplete/Article E-Religious/Myth)

'10 Reading:
Wheel of Time:
The Great Hunt, The Dragon Reborn, The Shadow Rising (yes I took a long time getting into it but eating it up now)
Seduction of the Crimson Rose
The Looking Glass Wars
Divine By Mistake

January '08
The Sea of Monsters (FPE) B+ Better then the first one, almost.
Faerie Path (RF) C Predictable, but still good
Wheel of Time: Eye of the World (F) A- flat ending
Pixie Pop 2 (GFJ) A I want the last book nowwww!
Return to the Labyrinth (FJ) A++ mmm glad to see the story come back alive.
Me and My Brothers (LPJ) A Always love a cute story.

December '07
Wheel of Time: Eye of the World FI

Novmber '07
Wheel of Time: Eye of the World FI

October '07
How to Travel with a Salmon (XI)
Signs In Contemporary Culture (XI)
My Cat Loki (cuteeee~!) JLP
(Was Swamped weak read month)

September '07
Abhorsen (Excellent!) FD
Power Pack (1-3) (d^_^d) J
Runaways (still undecided about it) J
Signs In Contemporary Culture (XI)
Fast Food Nation (I)

August '07
The Masq. of the Black Tulip (Good) RMH
The Lightining Theif (A+) FPE
Sabriel (Must read) FD
Lirael (Okay Sabriel better.) FD

July '07
The Secret of the Pink Carnation (Good) RMH
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Damn good, Must read, A-) F
Avalon High (Good, Young Adult) RF
Tokyo Mew Mew (Good) JG
Tsubasa (Must Read) JF
Pantheon High (Must Read [only if into greek mythology]) JF
The Embalmer (Must Read) JD

Books in the works:
Pride and Prejudice RHI
Second Wave SI
Wheel of Time #2 FI

Books in Waiting:
The Oathbound
(List incomplete, will be updated soon)