Dee (demon_chan) wrote,


So like here is another random update entry!

Been stalking only to realize they changed the way you enter to get an artist table. You gotta submit an application now. /sigh And it went up Jan 16th so yeah probably not getting in due to time and overall suckage lol. But I'm not as depressed as last time tbh because I'm not as focused this time on art table since like last year they released it late and I just don't have hte time to dedicate to go flipping insane trying to get everything done in 1 month.

Also! Picture time! :3 I looked over my overstock that didn't sell last year and found the t-shirts that were left over. Does anyone want one I only have 2 of the 3 styles left.



Isn't it perdy? I have more fabric left over so I can make another one.. but I'm trying to think of something else that is appropriate for the fabric print. Heck if someone wants a tote out of this stuff I'll make joo one (I gotta charge though >< )


The problem with working on craft while watching the food network. ^^;


This is the blanket I've started for my friend's to be baby. Dont know if it's a boy or a girl so this is what I found @ work.

And since my grandma's hate me (because I never remember to call them before the time difference makes it like 11 there) I'm making them all purses out of nice decorator fabric.

And lastly I have some apartment drama.


That is the little puddle gathering @ the bottom of my dish washer. /cry

Been watching some more anime! Managed to get through Kaleido Star part of princess tutu and read this cute manga last night on manga fox. Hmm. I wanna write more but I gotta shower. Toodles :)
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